Owner Representative Services

Owner Representative Services

1. We will organize closeout documents on a project by basis.

2. Assist the architectural firm in their approval of payments by the owner under the contract.

3. Work with Owner to establish optimal procedure for selecting consultants

4. Distribute RFP to consultants

5. Accept questions during bid process from consultants, provide written response to consultant questions

6. Review consultant fee proposals, develop comparative matrix with ranking and recommendations for consultants

7. Establish Structure for Team, including Procedures, Lines of Communication, Schedules

8. Due Diligence, Oversight of Architectural/Engineering/Design Programs

9. Due Diligence, Oversight of Design Development Drawing Generation and Client

10. Approvals Due Diligence, Oversight of Construction Document Generation and Client Approvals

11. Develop schedules of contractor deliverables

12. Track project budget and schedule on a weekly basis

13. Hold project meetings during construction on a weekly basis.

14. Monitor and expedite the shop drawing approval process

15. Review items of change and change orders including Contractors’ proposals, changes in quantity, contract time and price

16. Review contractor applications for payment 

17. Review closeout documentation from contractor

18. Check warranties, guarantees, and service contracts

19. Review shop drawings, cuts, and operating manual file

20. Review final lien waivers and affidavits

21. Review final pay request

22. Assist in expediting final punch list activities

23. Assist in obtaining certificate of occupancy

24. Assist in establishing dates of Substantial and Final Completion